Krystal UFO replies

11 Dec

To: f(x)
Krystal you must get well soon, everyone must take care of their bodies. V really looks nice in Qi Pao*~

From: Krystal
[Krystal] Thank you You must take note of your illness ^^

To: f(x)
Krystal unnie~You must get well soon! If you don’t get well how can you sing nice songs for us to listen! Krystal unnie hwaiting! f(x) hwaiting!

From: Krystal
[Krystal] I’m Krystal….Hehe, hwaiting!

To: f(x)
Had a dream last night, I dreamt that unnie replied my UFO message…Hi hi, will my dream come true?

From: Krystal
[Krystal] Now it’s not a dream right~? ? Hehe, must stay healthy

To: f(x)
When will unnie have a comeback..? I’m anticipating…! Yeah..reply me for once..So that I can show off to my friends!!!! Hehehe!!

From: Krystal
[Krystal] Just wait for a little more while! ^^

To: f(x)
(Christmas)Greetings to everyone! Merry christmas^^,, Melody that is sang by Krystal is very nice!!~

From: Krystal
[Krystal] Thank you~Listen more ^^

To: Krystal
Krystal. Rest well. Goodnight~Hope I have a chance to see your live in the future!

From: f(x)
[Krystal] Hehe Thank you! ^^

*Chinese Traditional Costume

Translation: f(x) Singapore FC


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